Original Skinnies
Original Skinnies
Original Skinnies
Original Skinnies

Original Skinnies

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Original Skinnies not only look great but will give you the confidence that your show whites are protected right up to that moment of entering the arena.
Designed especially for the serious competitor that wants to keep their white jodhpurs clean. Original Skinnies zip off in seconds, even while your still mounted, so you can wear them right up to the point of entering the ring.
Manufactured using a beautiful, super stretchy and soft nylon/lycra fabric. Original Skinnies are meticulously dyed using a unique and revolutionary method that ensures the inside surface of your Skinnies stay white.

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Perfect for:

Dressage Eventing
Show Jumping Show Horse
Western At the Stables and more...


✅ Save Money

Save money on replacing those expensive, stained white jodhpurs or Moleskins.

✅ Save Time

Save time trying to get the stains out of your show whites.

✅ Worry Less

Worry less about getting dirty when preparing for a show.

✅ Convenience

Much easier to avoid getting changed in the facility bathrooms.

✅ Easy to use

Much easier to use than jeans or pajama pants. Just zip them off in seconds!

✅ Comfortable

So comfortable you may even forget your wearing them


👉 Super stretchy nylon/lycra fabric

👉 White on the inside 

👉 Full length zips on both legs

Size Chart

Choosing the right size 

  • ​Take your measurements over the top of your Jodhpurs or breeches!
  • The material we use is stretchy so if you find that you are between sizes - pick the smaller of the two sizes!
  • Measurements are approximate only and may vary!
  • Child sizes are intended to be worn with short boots as the calf measurement is smaller than the adult sizes
  • Adult sizes are intended to be worn over tall boots as the calf measurement is slightly larger than the child sizes.

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